MLM Binary Compensation Plan

MLM Binary Plan is a one of the major compensation plan using around the world.  As like the standard meaning of Binary (It has 0, 1), the plan needs 2 members to start with. Its also calling as Pair Matching Plan.

MLM Binary Plan Structure

As per meaining of Binary, a member/distributor atleast needs 2 members on both side of his/her genealogy downline to get commission.

Binary Plan has various type of commission structure which are called:

  1. Tail Binary
  2. Australian Binary
  3. Trinary – Binary with 3 legs

Binary Plan normally suits for Consumer Goods, Real Estate, Texttile industries. Before you start a binary plan you must familiar with its all type of incentive structures and calculations.

If you want to create your MLM Binary Plan you can use this free tool:

If you already created your MLM Binary Plan and need to check it will be profitable or not? you can use this free tool:

If you have any doubts on MLM Matrix Plan you can connect me on Skype: swotsolutions



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