MLM Matrix Compensation Plan


MLM Matrix plan is also called ‘Level Plan‘ or ‘Pyramid System‘.  It typically have 2 aspects – Width & Depth. For example 2×5 matrix, in this plan ‘2’ refers width which is a member can introduce 2 members only on his own downline. and the ‘5’ refers upto how many downlines will receive commission.

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How to choose your right MLM Plan?


When anyone start to thinking about starting a mlm business, first they all get confused to choose the right compensation plan for their business startup. In MLM there are so many type of compensation plans available such as Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Investment, Party and so on. And in each segment there are several uniquely crafted modules also available. So its really a tough and intelligent task for the mlm entrepreneurs.

Here I given some steps to choose your right business plan before you customize that as per your calculations:

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