Low cost? or High Cost?


Some of the enquiries which i have received requires mlm software with all features mlm software but with low budget?! 😯

Before i start conversation with any of the enquiries, i simply asking 3 questions,

  1.  Can i get your complete requirements?
  2. Whats your budget?
  3. When will we start this project?

Of course, whenever we asking about budget directly to the customers, they usually told some low figures only. But unfortunately they don’t know its for the software for their business, their growth, their future.

Actually our hourly cost is $20, which is universally standard for PHP programming skills. After analyze their project specifications completely, I give them quote with how many hours it needs to complete.

For example, if a complex party plan needs 300 working hours, it will be cost around $6000. But the client’s budget is around $2000!! 🙄  What can we do now like this situations? – whenever we gave our estimated cost they simply told that they already contacted one developer and they gave just $500 for this project and blah blah blah…

then I simply told the customer ‘sorry sir, we can’t do underpaid projects’. so the conversation will be end. They will go to the cheap provider and signup their product. A very few months later, they will again come to me and asking for the quote for the same project 😐 Why?! – Because their previous cheapest cost developer couldn’t fulfill their needs as the business model needs. So the client wasted his money, time and all their customers trust.

When they came to us, We start the development from scratch and develop their application from our end. They start doing their business in a effective way this time.

Startup Entrepreneurs should realize that the software is not a expense, its an basic essential requirement for the business. The hassle free mlm software should be your most important partner in the mlm business.

Now you can answer this, you want which product for your business?

Low Cost Cheap Product? Affordable Cost Best Product?

The choice is yours….  🙂


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