How to choose your right MLM Plan?


When anyone start to thinking about starting a mlm business, first they all get confused to choose the right compensation plan for their business startup. In MLM there are so many type of compensation plans available such as Binary, Matrix, Unilevel, Investment, Party and so on. And in each segment there are several uniquely crafted modules also available. So its really a tough and intelligent task for the mlm entrepreneurs.

Here I given some steps to choose your right business plan before you customize that as per your calculations:

Step #1 – Whats your Target Goal?

Yeah, everybody easily tells that their target goal is ‘Business Growth & Profit’. But i need it on the way with something accurate;  like $1 Million Profit (or) 1,00,00 Customer Base (or) Branches on 10 Cities – maybe your choice will be all of them. But it should be in detail numeric way. And you should fix your timeline to achieve all of your expectations.

Step#2 – What type of products you want to sell?

This is another one important question. If you want to attract more customers, your products should be cost effective, affordable to your customer base, quality. So when you decide your product you should think this all in the scenario. Products are the main thing to select appropriate MLM Plan. You can sell low cost consumer goods easily in Unilevel plan but not only with Binary.

Step#3 – How much bigger your current customer base?

Customer base also plays a vital role to select what type of mlm plan you should choose. If you are new to mlm you should select some minimal mlm incentive structures such as matrix, auto matrix, simple binary, etc., If you known some of the team leaders in your previous mlm company you can choose something more complex but not hard like Unilevel MLM, Trust Based MLM. If you already have a large customer base you can choose any type of plans which is suitable to your target goal and your product.

These are my suggestions of mlm plans as per your industry:

Industry MLM Plan*
Daily Using Consumer Goods Unilevel / Repurchase / Matrix
Gift Items Binary / Matrix / Auto Matix / Party
Real Estate / Gold Investment / Binary
Medical Equipmenets / Fitness Unilevel / Binary / Repurchase
Textile / Electronic Goods Binary / Matrix

*I suggest this plans as per my own experience with the previous companies which i was working for. You should analyze everything before you start. For affordable MLM Software and Web Design services you can contact us.

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